Best Carpet Deals in the city of Jacksonville, In-Stock today! Starting at Only 99¢ / Square Foot!


Stocking Warehouse


We are a stocking warehouse, keeping between 50-75 Rolls of residential carpet in stock at all times.  Our Inventory is first come first serve, no reserve.  We keep our prices low, so we can help our customers find the best value for their dollar!

Polyester Carpets Available


Polyester Carpet is made from recycled plastics, making it very stain resistant.  Imagine a clear 2 Liter bottle.  You can fill that bottle with dark soda, leave it there for 10 years, and when you dump it out, you will still have a clear bottle.  Same way with a polyester Carpet, It will not be stained.  But back to our bottle example, If you crush that same bottle with your hands, you will see that the bottle does not return to its original position.  This is because the fiber itself does not hold memory.

Nylon Carpets Available


Nylon Fiber is known in the industry as a better carpet fiber for traffic and wear resistance. Nylon Fiber is the same kind of material they make seat belts from.  It is very resilient, but not Stain proof.  Nylon Fiber performs the same way that a human hair would.  It can take a stain, but will be resistant to wear.  (i.e. If you have straight hair, and you curl it every day for a year, the day you stop curling it, your hair will return straight, same way with the nylon fiber and traffic)



Q: Can i get the same carpet from your warehouse that i got 2 years ago?

A: Not the exact same, but similar. Our Inventory is purchased in excess, so most of our carpets are "One Time only".

Q: What is the best price you have for Carpet, padding, and installation out the door?

A: $0.99 / Sq. Ft. is our lowest priced carpet, pad and labor price, the Best in Jacksonville!

Q: What is your one room minimum price?

A: $300.


Check out this great video, outlining the differences between Nylon and Polyester.

Polyester vs. Nylon



  • Clearer, more vibrant colors available
  • Inherently stain resistant
  • made from recycled plastics
  • great for rental properties, low traffic areas, and areas that are often replaced
  • most are treated with a stain and soil resistant system, creating a hydrophobic barrier between the fiber and spills




  • More muted color tones
  • Resilient fiber, resistant to wear and tear
  • perfect for high traffic areas, staircases, and your personal home
  • most are treated with a stain and soil resistant system, creating a hydrophobic barrier between the fiber and spills
  • tends to be 20-30% more expensive
  • Has long been considered to be the most durable, synthetic carpet fiber available